Donna O. Johnson is the founder and president of the Guaranteed 4.0 Learning System. She developed this systematic framework while pursuing a B.S. in Chemical Engineering from the University of Texas in Austin. Donna O. then joined Amoco Corporation and held various engineering and management positions. After serving as an executive director in the non-profit sector, Donna O. launched the Guaranteed 4.0 Learning System as a brain-based, easy-to-follow, strategy for the facilitation of learning and retaining information. With a Ph.D. in Cognitive Science and over twenty-years of practical experience in systemic learning, she has now enhanced the 4.0 plan and continues to empower students and faculty worldwide with accelerated learning and development.



Melerick “Mel” Mitchell is a Business Development Consultant and Trainer for Encephalon, Accelerated Learning and Development. He is responsible for assisting with project development for potential clients, partnering with organizations to help them analyze and identify core business challenges, and outlining and presenting solutions for those challenges. In addition, Mel serves as a Certified Trainer for the Guaranteed 4.0 Learning System.

Mel is also the Founder and Talent Development Architect of Drive Influence LLC. Prior to creating Drive Influence, he worked for Microsoft for nearly 10 years in roles ranging from System Analyst to Talent Development Consultant. Mel created, developed and managed a two-year global rotational program for new college hires. He also assisted with the analysis, design, and rollout of several leadership development programs and conferences targeted at Microsoft’s High Potential employees.

As a MS Loaned Executive to United Way, Mel helped increase awareness about critical issues facing the community and assisted with raising funds to address community issues. He has also served on several non-profit boards in Seattle, Tucson, Las Vegas and Dallas. He the past VP of Technology for the Dallas Chapter of the American Society of Training and Development and is a past Region Six Alumni Chair for the National Society of Black Engineers (NSBE).

Mel has a passion for learning, particularly in the areas of leadership and organization development and personal coaching. He holds a B.S. in Electrical Engineering Technology from Louisiana Tech University and a M.S. in Electrical Engineering from the University of Nevada, Las Vegas. Over the years he has taken executive leadership education courses taught by the University of Michigan Ross School of Business, UCLA’s Anderson School of Business, Maximum Impact and from coaching organizations such as the World Institute for Action Learning and the Academy for Coach Training.





“East meets West” is a most fitting one-line description for YC Chen. Born in Taiwan and immigrated to the US at a young age, she holds a bachelor degree in Architecture and a MBA from the Illinois Institute of Technology. With 12 years of consulting experience, YC pursued a “front-of-the-room” career in Training and Development in the United States. Over the course of many years, Chen learned and refined her skills by working as a trainer/public speaker on various management, marketing and academic excellence topics.

Gifted with tons of energy and creativity, and a keen eye on organization impact and excellence, YC is polymath in skill (think an entire multidisciplinary team in one person), holistic in thinking (using both the left and right brain in framing problems), and eclectic in education (architecture, business and PhD degree in Educational Neuroscience). She can take a situation, break it apart to the basic components, razor into problem spots, generate possible solutions and then, explain it with the intriguing imagery and analogies for full understanding.

YC Chen is co-author of LEAP, Guaranteed A+ PLUS and Guaranteed 4.0 curricula, as well as co-producer of training DVDs and on-line courses.